by Holly Andersen. Posted on November 28, 2016

cyber monday

My Eyes And Cyber Vision

You cooked, you cleaned and ate and ate.
Rushing to get it all done at once
Then leaving in a miserable stuffed state.

After the dessert you shopped, and shivered.
Now you’re in a rush to order online
And get the rest of your gifts delivered!

person on computer

On the computer we shop and stare
With no antireflective lenses!
No time to worry or really care,

man on tablet

About your eyes and your precious sight.
Many of us take it for granted,
And so we will continue to fight for sight!

For your eye health and preservation of your vision,
We at Uptown Eyes are here
With excellent services and precision

In everything we offer and all that we do.
So come by our optical and
Find out how to keep your sight true!

Please shop local this holiday season.
Online or in your favorite store,
For it is our clients and patrons we truly adore!

group shot