Blue light is emitted thru several different sources – the sun, T.V., tablets, phones, computers and LED light bulbs.  This can also cause various issues with our rest and vision.

Our body naturally produces a sleep hormone called, melatonin.  Many of you have heard of it, but it is necessary for our bodies to achieve complete rest.  Blue light suppresses the melatonin levels our body which in turn makes it harder for us to fall asleep and stay asleep. Without this natural hormone, our bodies are open for other health issues due to insufficient sleep, decreased productivity, and increase in stress. 

Blue light has also been linked to macular degeneration.  The non-visible spectrum of blue light can cause a slow deterioration of the retinal tissue at the macula. This is cumulative damage, just as UV from the sun is cumulative as well.

Our eyes spend so much time on digital devices throughout the day.   You may have noticed your eyes get tired or even burn by the end of day. When our eyes are fatigued it can cause headaches and tension throughout the neck and shoulders.

What can you do to help minimize your risk?

Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to rule out any other eye issues. 

Then review the following for a few ways to help limit blue light exposure and the negative effects they have on our eyes and our bodies.
 – Use prescription lenses that help filter out the harmful blue light
 – Avoid looking at digital devices 2-3 hours before bed
 – Use the night shift option on digital devices

BlueTech Wearer Survey:

  • 98.2%   Noticed “Significant sleep improvements”
  • 99.1%.  Eyes “More relaxed indoors”
  • 65.1%   “Significant reduction in    headaches/migraine”
  • 93.8%   Absolute “Yes” to wear as everyday pair of glasses

Interesting stats about Average daily media use:

  • Teens (13+) 9 hrs a day
  • Tweens (8-12) 6 hrs a day

Everyone who uses any type of digital device will benefit from blue light protection lenses- even kids and contact lens wearers!

Blue light is not all bad, we are exposed to it more now than ever with all of the digital technology associated with today’s times. 

Click here to schedule for your eye exam and to find out how blue lens technology can help keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.