We are honored to host an Artist Reception in conjunction with Art Ventures of NWA.  These 2 artists have an ‘eye’ for unique vision in the world around them.  Thank you to Terry Dushan and Kathleen Siegfried for sharing your work and making our office beautiful!

Mark your calendars to meet and mingle with these amazing women, March 29, 2018 from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM.

Read more about Terry and Kathleen here.

Terry Dushan Fine Art — Illusive Dimensions Photography

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” — Marcel Proust

My love of photography was born through my father’s lens, while my mother’s master’s level creativity with watercolor and oil taught me a deep appreciation of color and the critical skills of composition.  Daughter and spouse of Air Force officers, I have lived in numerous places both stateside and abroad, become immersed in a variety of cultures and experienced a wealth of sensory input—vision being the most powerful stimulus for me.

Photography is my life’s passion.  Color, texture, graphic detail, and the visual impact of these things combined, are my primary focus in recording any image. The beauty of light, the spectrum of color holds me and thus my camera captive.  

I strive to record a moment in time. Sometimes, my subject is lit as if by magic and demands instant capture. Other images require patience and persistence.  All images are taken handheld because I am constantly moving.  I do not use a tripod. I want to capture movement as I move.

 Currently, I experiment with creating digital art that is abstract and compelling. As I work with digital images to compose an abstract piece, I feel an ever more active participant in the process of producing fine art, works often far removed from what my lens initially captured.

A truly fine photograph captures the deepest sense, the soul of the scene, and conveys a mood to the eyes and mind of the viewer. To “see” is to look more deeply, to discover what we miss at first viewing. My goal is that through my photographs, as you look at the ordinary, you discover the extraordinary. 

Kathleen Siegfried

Kathleen Siegfried is a retired teacher and painter, who thinks of herself as an experimental artist, specifically drawn to the abstract.  She often begins with color rather than subject matter, and uses color as a guide for composition inspired by childhood memories, imagination and suggestion.

Whether she paints with watercolor or acrylic on paper, canvas, or wood panels, her most successful paintings are created from a combination of memory, imagination, and suggestion. “I have been inspired by memories of life on the water – the creek on the farm where I grew up in Ohio, the ocean landscape of my years in New Jersey, and now the rivers and lakes in beautiful Northwest Arkansas.” Siegfried’s recent mixed media paintings explore land and seascapes inspired by technology.


During her years as a language arts/English educator and supervisor, Siegfried enjoyed blending the expressive power of literature and art.  




In 1992 she could no longer resist the impulse to paint and since then she has studied with a number of inspiring and gifted water media artists. When she retired in 2012 years ago and moved to Northwest Arkansas from New Jersey, she discovered a vibrant and inspiring art community there.